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Trapping Students in Alaska
Anthony Knapp, a high school teacher at Akula Elitnaurvik School located in Kasigluk, Alaska, was determined to see his students learn more about the skills of their ancestors in the Arctic.

As part of his curriculum, Knapp received an education package from Rick Schoonover, Fur Takers of America director, which contained books, videos, fur handling tools, snares, supplies for snare building and more.

Knapp began the trapping class at his Alaskan school which has now garnered much attention from the students. In fact, the class has become so popular, he resorted to setting up a rotation of students to trap with him and his wife.

Said Knapp, "The snares you sent worked great and we've made about 100 more. The kids beg to come flesh and dry fur in the evenings."

With only 10 days into the Alaska trapping season, the students have already caught eight beaver, two mink and six fox.